What political parties should take away from latest Liberal by-election defeat

Since confederation, the Liberals have dominated federal politics in Canada. Much of this success has been due to the fact that they have traditionally staked out the centre of the political spectrum and adjusted their policies to the left and right of centre to capture the largest vote share possible. Moreover, when specific policies proved unpopular, the Liberals simply backed off or drop them completely. If challenged on such tactics they were quick to point out that the role of government is to carry out the will of the people not dictate its ideas onto them. 

However, since his election in 2015, Trudeau has discarded this core Liberal strategy, in favour of pushing a far-left leaning ideological agenda that assumes only government knows best. As a result, the Liberals have become increasingly consumed with boutique social issues designed to placate progressive elites and special interest groups. 

In the process, they have ignored the pressing economic and social issues facing the larger population of working Canadian voters. Issues such as fixing the economy, dealing with the increasing cost of living, home ownership, and making sure people can get a passport in a timely manner have had no priority within the current government. 

An example of this government knows best approach can best be seen in the fact that almost 70 per cent of voters did not support the latest carbon tax hike. Rather than finding a compromise that could better meet the needs and desires of more Canadians, the Liberals maintained the hikes and attacked critics of the move as uninformed or misguided science deniers.  

The Liberal defeat in the recent Toronto-St. Paul’s by-election should be a lesson, not only to the Liberals, but to any party seeking power in Canada of what happens to governments when they stop representing the people’s interest and start assuming they know what is best for them.

Tony Balasevicius

Greater Napanee

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