Good Food Box and Good Baby Box programs expand to Deseronto Public Library

The Deseronto Public Library is thrilled to announce its new partnership with two crucial community organizations: Community Care South Hastings, and the Community Development Council of Quinte. Through the joint efforts put forth by all three organizations, the Good Food Box and Good Baby Box programs have gained the opportunity for further growth in Deseronto. 

The purpose of the Good Food Box and the Good Baby Box programs is to offer fresh, healthy, and nutritious fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the retail cost as well as formula, diapers, and wipes at a significantly reduced cost. The Good Food Box program is open to anyone who wishes to order, and the Good Baby Box is just a quick registration away. 

Currently, Deseronto residents who order either (or both) programs pick up their produce and baby supplies at the Community Care South Hastings office on Main Street; but there is one hiccup – they are running out of room. 

“While these programs have always been open to any resident of Deseronto, regardless of income, the partnership with the library will offer expanded physical space for the boxes, as well as later pickup options for those who work or have to be out of town during the daytime,” says Lisa Campbell, program manager for CCSH Deseronto.

Additionally, Jim Mallabar, the Good Food Box Program Coordinator shares that “with this new partnership we will be able to offer residents of Deseronto an extended window of time to pick up their Good Food Boxes on the fourth Tuesday of every month between 2-8 p.m. at the Deseronto Public Library”. 

CDC-Quinte’s Good Baby Box Program coordinator Bev Heuving shares, “The Deseronto Public Library also offers a variety of family programs, so it is a natural fit to be able to partner with them to promote the Good Baby Box program.”

“We want to help our community access everything available to them. The CDC Quinte Good Food and Good Baby Box programs are an excellent way to address food security issues and if this partnership will reduce the barriers for our community, then we are more than happy to do that” says Julie Lane, the Library’s CEO. 

As of July 23, all CDC Quinte Good Food and Good Baby Box purchases will still be made through the CDC Quinte Website or in person at the Community Care for South Hastings office, but all items will be picked up at the Deseronto Public Library on the designated pick-up date.

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