Eight questions Poilievre needs to answer before the next election

An article in the Nov. 23 Toronto Star sets out the following questions for Pierre Poilievre.  The author is suggesting that Canadians need to know Poilievre’s answers before the next election.  I agree.  To my knowledge Poilievre has failed, perhaps even refused, to answer any of these important questions:
1.  Would Poilievre still embrace the controversial use of bitcoin?
2.  Would he still march with anarchistic truckers blocking streets and highways?
3.  Would he ignore medical experts on the need for vaccine mandates?
4.  How would he deal with Quebec’s demands to give it more special powers?
5. How would he balance the budget while reducing taxes?
6. What programs would he cut?
7.  How would he fix grocery prices?
8.  What would he do about housing, the economy, climate change?

Elizabeth Tyner
Forest Mills

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