Calling on Canadians to raise their voice on Dec. 9, International Human Rights Day

If you are reading this, you are someone able to exercise your right to public information – a freedom not enjoyed by all of the world’s citizens.
Anytime you complain about the government, travel to a different country, speak another language, use a lawyer or take part in union activities without fear of government reprisal, your right to do so is protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This landmark United Nations document celebrates 75 years of protecting ordinary citizens throughout the world with its 30 Articles that name and safeguard our basic rights as citizens.
OnSaturday Dec. 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Napanee’s Branch 150 of Amnesty International will be celebrating lnternational Human Dights Day at the Napanee Public Library.
Here you can get your copy of the Declaration and write or sign a few appeals on behalf of persecuted or imprisoned citizens. They are retailers, farmers, teachers, homemakers, politicians, students, lawyers, environmentalists, journalists – all who dared to criticize their leaders’ policies, a freedom we Canadians love to exercise !
 Thousands of people across Canada will be joining in this weekend to create the accumulated pressure that helps stop the punishment or threats suffered by these brave people. Only those of us who are free can work for the freedom of others. Do join us and enjoy your opportunity to be a human rights activist !
Linda Murray
Amnesty International
Napanee Branch 150
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