Bath Canada Day Parade pauses for very unique proposal

Tristian Jordan shares a kiss with Tyler Wallace after he and his son Jackson paused the Bath Canada Day Parade to make a very special proposal. Submitted photo.

Adam Prudhomme

Bath’s Canada Day Parade came to a sudden halt when Tyler Wallace had a very important question to ask.

When Wallace, a member of Loyalist Township Emergency Services, spotted his girlfriend Tristan Jordan in the crowd at the parade he hopped down from his fire truck, took out a ring and proceeded to carry out a very memorable marriage proposal.

Jordan, who said yes, had a feeling the question might be popped on Canada Day but was unsure how.

“I figured it was going to be a good opportunity, but I definitely couldn’t figure out how he was going to pull it off so I was very, very surprised,” she said of the mid-parade proposal. “Him and my stepson (Jackson) were in the fire truck in the parade and they stopped at the corner where I was standing, he jumped out and he grabbed my stepson and walked over, dropped down on one knee and asked.”

Despite having all eyes on them, Jordan says she doesn’t remember the crowd’s reaction.

“All I really remember was seeing the two of them and hearing what he asking me and then saying yes. Everything else was kind of a blur,” she said.

No wedding date has been said as of yet but Jordan says it will be sometime next year.


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