Abortion is more than just an issue of rights and freedoms

I wanted to go on record to express how deeply concerned I am about a section in Adam Prudhomme’s Editorial in this past week’s, Thursday, March 9/23, issue of ‘The Napanee Beaver’. I appreciated Adam giving a shout out to our NDSS sports teams and the heart felt concern for our children, especially women, from a father’s point a view.
In the last section Adam included a highly controversial view about abortion by connecting any move to limit abortion to the removal of women’s rights.  This simplification of pro life attitudes could lead young people to believe that the issue of pregnancy, new life, birth, and death are about rights rather than the value of life.   I can’t help but feel the confusion, on behalf of our young people, when they are continually asked to limit their rights and freedoms for the sake of life forms to save our environment but not limit their rights and freedoms for life forms within their own bodies.  I want our young people to know that Canada is the only western nation with absolutely no legislation limiting abortion (the termination of a life), at any stage of pregnancy.  I desire our children to have higher regard for their own lives and the lives of others, rather than a sole emphasis on their personal rights and so, somehow believing, that is the enemy to freedom and democracy.  Democracy works as we respect one another, choose to lay down certain rights for the sake of love and respect for others including the most vulnerable among us, a child in utero.
There are so many other sobering issues around abortion than a discussion about rights.  Will we inform our children about the negative affect of abortion on women’s emotional health, the psychological effects of future regret, the dangers of future complications in health, pregnancy, and fertility, family well being, and a starved adoption process with waiting lines of potential parents?
I realize I’m not going to resolve this lingering, emotional debate about the morality around abortion (regardless of its legality) in a simple letter.  However, I wanted to go on record that I, and a multitude of this community and your readership, are ready to defend all life rather than follow the narrative of a society that continually presses us to only consider this issue in terms of rights and freedoms.
Bert McCutcheon
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