The family of the late Winston Grant Kimmett

The family of the late Winston Grant Kimmett would like to thank everyone as best we can during our difficult and emotional days leading up to and since Grants’ passing. Grant’s wife Cookie and children Terry, Gerry Pam and Crystal, along with their partners, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are very appreciative of the though gifts of dinners, treats, flowers, card and acts of support. Thank you to the nurses of the long term care side of Napanee hospital, especially Ms. Maddie Embury and Dr. Carl Lee for helping us ensure that Grant was comfortable and caring for him during these last months of his life; to Dr. Sosnowski and Donna for the many years of care preceding that as well; to PSWs Angela, and Tracey Smith for going beyond expectations for Grant and for the family as well; to Dr. Doug Barton and the staff of Wartman Funeral Home in helping us honour Grants’ wishes and requests. A very special thank you is extended to Andrew Isbester. As the new owner of the Deseronto United Church he allowed us the use of the church. This was Grants’ dying wish to have his funeral in our family’s church, the same as many generations before. Thank you to the members of our family, partners and close friends who’ve supported us emotionally, by going above and beyond for the family without hesitation. It’s during the darkest times that the glimmer of light from the love of family and friends shines it’s brightest. Even though our family is experiencing the darkness caused by the grief of Grant’s passing we are all surrounded by the light that you’ve brought into our lives and in turn helps the grief seem not so dark.

With a deep sense of gratitude, The Kimmett Family.

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