Public invited to presentation on the state of the Bay of Quinte on Nov. 28 at SPC

The health of the Bay of Quinte will be discussed during a free presentation open to the public on Nov. 28 at 1 p.m. at the SPC.

On Tuesday, Nov. 28 in Napanee, the public is invited to The Bay of Quinte: Are You Concerned? An in-person presentation on the current state of the Bay will be hosted by the Lennox & Addington Stewardship Council and the Friends of the Napanee River, the Salmon River, and the Wilton Creek Watershed.

Learn about the research on the Bay and join in a discussion of life on the Bay. “Quinte” takes its name from Kenté, the Cayuga Village that was situated at its west end.

What is the value of the Bay of Quinte? For recreational fishing, it is home to numerous fishing derbies and Walleye tournaments, as well as boating. The Bay sustains a myriad of aquatic creatures and plants as well as sustenance for a host of species living (and migrating) by the Bay. The quality of the Bay water is essential as a water supply to the many human communities on its shores.

Monitoring the Bay consists of analyzing everything from fish populations and habitats, to underwater insects, to phosphorus levels and its sources. Come and learn about the indicators of overabundant nutrients and phosphorous runoff as well as remediations.

Presentations on the science will be given by Dr. Agnes Richards, a Research Scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada, who specializes in water monitoring and Dr. Warren Currie, a research scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada who studies inland aquatic ecosystems.

Problems in the Bay of Quinte are cyclical and ever evolving. While the eventual goal is the delisting of the Bay (as an Area of Concern), we are not there yet.

Join the conversation with your experiences of the Bay. We’ll talk about why the Bay should remain high on our radar and where we go from here.

Register by email at free of charge. The event is on Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 1 pm at the Strathcona Paper Centre (arena), 16 McPherson Drive in Napanee. Refreshments will be served.

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