Napanee Writers’ Forum: Losing a friend

Michele works for Lennox and Addington County Libraries. She is a passionate volunteer for organizations that are important to her. Her green thumb is the envy of the Napanee Writers’ Forum group. Michele and her husband grow herbs that they sell on-line and at local Farmers Markets. Michele has a wonderful touch as a short story writer. I am sure this story will strike a cord with whoever reads it. She lives with her husband in rural Napanee.
-Rick Revelle


Marta looked down toward her dripping hands. Hot tears welled up in her eyes.

“Now what?” she asked Hank.

“I think you know my dear.” Hank whispered as he touched Marta’s shoulder.

Marta went to the kitchen sink and washed the spit and saliva off her fingers and forearms.

We sure are gonna miss our sweet girl ‘Daisy’. She lathered me with love until her last breath!

Marta grabbed a box from the top of the cupboard and went back to the front room.

Hank was still sitting on the floor beside the limp corpse.

All the good memories of our time with this amazing creature, over the last 15 years, are rolling out our eyes and down our cheeks.

We will savour those special moments in time forever.

Marta opened the box and took out the smudge kit. It held the abalone shell, her cherished eagle feather and homegrown sage. Laying some sage in the bowl, she gave thanks to the Universe for the cherished time they were given with this Blessed Being. Lighting the sage she and Hank started singing the song that Daisy always bounced around to when they played it. They took turns fanning the feather around her still body.

Their voices sounded more angelic than ever and they saw a violet circle surrounding their beloved baby. We stayed with her for hours, until her aura disappeared.

Hank wrapped her adored blanket around her and went outside to prepare her place. Together we dug a hole under her favourite tree. Marta gathered her chew toy, ball, collar and leash. They said their final goodbyes, carried her out and placed her and her treasures in the Spot.

Marta dug up some daisies and planted them on top.

They stood embraced and said, in sync, “Until We Meet Again.”

-Michele Cole

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