Napanee Lions Hall sold, club to remain active in community

Napanee's Lion's Hall has been sold by the local club. It will remain in their possession for the rest of 2024. Photo by Adam Prudhomme.

Adam Prudhomme

The Napanee’s Lion Club will bid farewell to its den in six months as they move away from having a brick and mortar base.

They’ve sold their hall, located at 57 County Rd. 8, and will officially transfer ownership in early 2025. Until that time they’ll continue to rent it out to the community and use it to hold club meetings.

“We’re definitely continuing as a Lion’s Club,” said Napanee Lions president Shelley Free. “We just won’t have the burden of managing this hall. It becomes a lot. We’re going to move forward as a small group, get back to service work.”

Still very active in community and raising funds through various endeavours, they met at the hall earlier this month to award three cheques-each for $1,000-to the L&A OSPCA, Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre and the L&A Interval House.

As their membership has aged, the amount of Lions who actually show up to meetings has dwindled. Free estimates they have about 17 active members at this point. That’s in contrast to around 85 members in their heyday.

“We’re staying here until the end of the year then we’re just going to be in the community,” said Free.

The white rectangular building next to the golf course they’ve called home has long been a fixture in the community for over 60 years. Originally built as a bowling alley circa 1962, it has also been used as a movie theatre before becoming a banquet hall that has hosted hundreds of community events over the last 40 years. Though unsure of the exact date, the current Lions estimate they moved into the building in 1979.

As for the future use of the building, that’s yet to be announced.

As the local Lions Club moves into its next chapter, they’re still always looking for new members. Anyone interested can learn more by calling 613-354-5939.

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