Museum to host new exhibit exploring health of astronauts in space

The Museum of Lennox & Addington announced the launch of its newest exhibit: Health in Space: Daring to Explore, a special exhibition developed by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum is one of three museums under Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation, in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency. The special exhibition will be on at the Museum of Lennox & Addington starting Sept. 29.

Health in Space demystifies the health challenges — such as variable gravity, radiation, and isolation — that astronauts face while living and working in space. Through authentic artifacts and captivating interactive activities, this exhibition will engage visitors to better understand Canada’s role in advancing health research. Discoveries in this field will be essential for the success of future deep-space expeditions, and may also help solve medical challenges on Earth.

Health in Space also includes video interviews with Canadian astronauts, which offer first-hand insight into their experiences. A special section within the exhibition highlights astronaut David Saint-Jacques’ recent mission, from his selection and training to the experiments conducted while aboard the ISS.

 Admission to the Museum of Lennox & Addington is $3 (free for children under 12). The Museum of Lennox & Addington is located at 97 Thomas Street East in Napanee. More information about this exhibition can be found on the Museum of Lennox & Addington website or by calling 613-354-3027.

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