Looking Back Week of March 19

80 Years Ago
February 28, 1940

The town of Napanee withdrew its application for separation from the County of Lennox and Addington, when representatives from the town appeared before the Private Bills Committee of the Ontario Legislature in Toronto.

The action was taken on the advice of the town’s solicitor, R.O. Daly of Toronto, after the application had been discussed by the committee.

-After hearing of a complaint by a resident about a dance hall located adjacent his home causing a disturbance, council debated whether or not to license all restaurants and eating places in the town.

The general opinion of the council was something of the sort should be done in order to give the council some control over such places.

-The Ice Carnival, sponsored by the local Lion’s Club at the Napanee Arena, was one of the best events held in Napanee in some time.

The arena, decorated in coloured lights and streamers, presented a very attractive appearance to the multitude of people who packed the arena to witness the affair.

The feature event of the evening’s entertainment was provided by the Quinte Skating Club of Belleville. Members and directors were congratulated for the excellency of the varied program.

-An open meeting was scheduled at Napanee Collegiate and Vocational Institute for parents interested in forming a Home and School Association in Napanee, covering all schools.

30 Years Ago
February 21, 1990

-Seven hundred days after Goodyear became a household name in Napanee, the sprawling plant in Richmond Township began producing tires.

Plant manager K.B. Kleckner told the Beaver limited production had begun in the last few weeks.

Some parts were still in the process of being shipped from other plants across Quebec and the United States but it was expected a tire completely manufactured from components from the Napanee plant would be possible within the next two months.

A larger grand opening celebration was scheduled for later in the summer of 1990.

-All the major contenders for the Progressive Conservative’s leaders of the Ontario party were expected to speak at the Napanee Lion’s Hall on March 9, 1990.

James Taylor, the last Tory to have taken the riding to an election success, was to be the emcee for the evening.

-Secondary school teachers at the three Lennox and Addington high schools were preparing for a strike unless a drastic turnaround was seen within the ongoing contract talks.

Student-athletes meanwhile were expressing concern as to what a strike could mean for the 1990 athletics program at Napanee District Secondary School.

Under provincial legislation, athletes from any school can not compete against athletes from a striking school. Of particular concern was the senior girls volleyball team, which was considered to be the best ever produced within the last 20 years of the school and seen as real contenders for a provincial title.

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