Letter: Connection of water mains important for growth

From my view, water has always been the most important resource this country has. In Greater Napanee, we are fortunate to be able to draw our water from Lake Ontario and pipe it approximately 10 miles into the town proper.

Following the steps the elected officials and staff have taken over the years, we now have a treatment plant located next to the Napanee River and two water storage tanks for treated water. In order to maintain safe building growth and maintain constant business growth an area that will need to be addressed is the connection of the water main from the Goodyear plant across the fields, Newburgh Road, Hwy 401 and the Napanee River to connect to the Palace Road water main.

This should be done before the new interchange at Palace Road and Hwy 401. Current and future elected officials, please use your power and wisdom to accomplish this as a priority as the businesses it serves and supports with taxes will be the means to help fund and support a new aquatic centre should it be built.

We need Goodyear’s jobs as well as the job potential of the new hydroponic plant. We may be able to find a very short-term solution that may be temporary, however, I would not want to be any of those large businesses on the end of a long garden hose. This is only my opinion.

John D. MacDonald

Greater Napanee

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