L&A County Activation Fund applications now open

Beaver Staff

Creative minds seeking to get a new event, recreational product or beautification project off the ground could qualify for up to $5,000 in funding from Lennox and Addington County’s Economic Development Office.

Applications are now open for the Naturally L&A Activation Fund, which aims to help people take their idea to the next level. The fund is for the projects that fall under the following categories:

  • New event creation
  • Existing event enhancements / improvements
  • Development of new recreational products / activities
  • Cultural activities / products
  • Community beautification
  • New tourism products / activities

Some examples of each category include:

  • New event creation: starting up a new event or festival that will attract tourists to Lennox and Addington. Potential new events could include music concerts, sporting events or other unique offerings.
  • Existing Event Enhancements / Improvements: Examples of event enhancements include incorporating live music, local food or other exciting additions into your existing event. The enhancement will draw visitors from further afield and make for a more memorable experience.
  • New Recreational Products / Activities: New recreation products that improve our communities and attract new visitors and residents to Lennox and Addington. This could include hiking trails, paddling routes, cycling trails, nature walks, etc.
  • Cultural Products / Activities: New cultural products or activities that improve our communities and attract new people and residents to Lennox and Addington. This could include new theatre performances, public art, art shows, etc.
  • Community Beautification: Activities that improve the “look” of Lennox and Addington. Could include community gardens, cleaning / repurposing of derelict properties, tree planting, trail maintenance, etc.
  • New Tourism Products/Activities: Include developing activities with untapped potential and unique to Lennox and Addington. Examples include new attractions (i.e. stargazing tourism), themed tours (i.e. haunted walks), or business collaborations that add to the visitor experience (i.e. butter tart trail).

Organizations eligible to apply include community groups, community partnerships, festival and event organizers, volunteer organizations and business partnerships.

The project must be visitor friendly and be held within L&A County.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their project, questions and eligibility before applying by contacting Rob Plumley, Community Development Officer at 613-354-4883 ext. 3271.

Proposals must be submitted by Oct. 31, end of day.

For a full list of requirements, as well as a link to the application form, can be found at https://naturallyla.ca/business-in-lennox-addington/naturally-la-activation-fund/.

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