Groovy Cats art raising funds to benefit Napanee Community Kitten Rescue

This original artwork by Lisa Ray Koenig of Groovy Cats, is being raffled off at Paulmac's in Napanee, with proceeds going to Napanee Community Kitten Rescue.

Local Napanee artist Lisa Ray Koenig of Groovy Cats Art has donated a painting to Napanee Community Kitten Rescue (NCKR) to raise much needed funds. The painting is on display at Paulmac’s Pet Food Napanee, with the raffle tickets available beginning September 1st through to September 30th. Tickets are available at Paulmac’s Pet Food Napanee; 1 for $10 or 3 for $25.

“There was an Adoption Event at Paulmac’s and when I saw all those kittens and cats looking for their forever homes, I knew that I had to do something for the cause (besides adopting all the kittens, I already have two adorable cats) and so I created a cat themed painting to donate to NCKR to raise money for the not-for-profit organization. Working together with the incredible team at Paulmac’s we put the plan into action. I cannot thank the Paulmac’s team enough for facilitating this fundraiser.” Koenig said.

Paulmac’s spokesperson Cathy Castagnier commented “As most of you know we (Paulmac’s) have supported the Napanee Community Kitten Rescue from the beginning. We have seen first hand the hard work and dedication Nancy Clark (of NCKR) has done and continues to do. Any chance we get we love to host fundraisers and adoptions events at the store. Our friend Lisa Groovy Cats Art has generously donated a one-of-a-kind painting for us to raffle for the kitten rescue.”

Napanee Community Kitten Rescue is crucial to the care of orphaned/found kittens and cats.  Dedicated to assisting our community with awareness, education & resources for the care, rehabilitation and adoption of homeless kittens.

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