Fun Facts about ice cream

Summer is in full swing and July is National Ice Cream Month, so what better time than to read up on some fun facts about everyone’s favourite summertime teat. These facts are a dish best served cold.

-A full 12 pounds of milk is needed to produce just a gallon of ice cream-that’s assuming it’s made with real milk and not a ‘frozen dessert.’

-The most popular flavour of ice cream is vanilla, followed by chocolate-though chocolate ice cream was actually invented before its vanilla counterpart. The most popular topping is chocolate syrup.

– The first known recipe for ice cream dates all the way back to 1665 and its believed to have originated in Italy.

– The average cow produces enough milk to make 7.5 thousand gallons of ice cream. Though a staple of summer today, the ice cream cone was actually somewhat of an accident. When an ice cream vendor at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis ran out of bowls, they rolled a pastry into a cone shape.

– Timber, the Napanee Beaver mascot, lists his favourite ice cream as cookies and cream, with cedar shavings on top.

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