County Rd. 8 community garden for food bank only

There seems to be some confusion in our community as to the purpose of the community garden near the Agoren Self Storage on the Schermerhorn property on County Rd. 8.

This garden is expressly grown for the Salvation Army Food Bank only. Lately, there was a media article stating that the small box gardens around Centre Street and Bridge Street — and elsewhere around town — are free for the picking. This does not include our garden on County Rd. 8. This is private property and is only available to those who work in the food bank garden. It is a privilege we are able to use the land and we don’t want to risk our position with the owner by having strangers trespassing. It is fair to say that trespassers will be held accountable.

As well, could the person who “borrowed” our garden stool with wheels please return it? No questions will be asked.

Susan Withers

Napanee Community Food Bank Garden

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