Cluck is ticking: Greater Napanee seeks input from residents on backyard chicken by-law

Thor the rooster looks over his flock of chickens. Town of Greater Napanee is seeking input from residents on whether or not to allow backyard chickens in urban areas. Photo by Adam Prudhomme.

The following is a press release from the town of Greater Napanee:

The Town of Greater Napanee has seen an interest from residents regarding the keeping of chickens inside urban areas.

As an initial step to potentially adopting a backyard chicken by-law, the Town is seeking resident input to determine levels of interest regarding the allowance and regulation of backyard chickens.

Current Rules for Owning Chickens within Greater Napanee: Currently, the keeping of chickens is regulated along with the keeping of other livestock animals through the Town’s Zoning By-law. Chickens are only permitted to be kept on properties that are zoned as Prime Agriculture (PA) or Rural (RU). Chickens are not permitted in any residential or commercially zoned property.

Potential Rules that could be Implemented: Some other municipalities within Ontario (including those local to Greater Napanee) have adopted backyard chicken by-laws to allow for the keeping of chickens in urban areas. These by-laws are subject to regulations which protect the welfare of the animals as well as reduces potential nuisance impacts on neighbours. Typically, the by-laws prohibit the keeping of roosters, selling of eggs, and slaughter of chickens on the property, as well as setting rules for the minimum size of chicken coops and minimum setbacks from property lines.

Why the Town Needs Your Input: Your input will help shape the recommendations that staff bring forward to Council regarding the allowance and regulation of chickens within urban areas of Greater Napanee. Community consultation begins July 4, 2022, until July 22, 2022. Residents are asked to complete the online survey and leave input on the public comment forum available on Let’s Talk Greater Napanee, Those with limited internet access are welcome to submit verbal comment by contacting Aggie Hill, Senior By-law Enforcement Officer, at 613-776-1143. Thank you in advance to those who submit public comment.

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