Celebrating the land of the glorious and free


For a country infamous for its winters, there’s a definite Canadian wit to the fact that its birthday falls during a time of sweltering heat.

It just seems like something notorious Canuck pranksters like Norm MacDonald or Leslie Nielsen would have done were they tasked with picking out a birthday for the Great White North. And so every July 1 Canadians coast-to-coast head outdoors in the blazing heat to celebrate this great nation, all the while complaining about how it’s too hot. On the flip side, were we to move Canada Day to the middle of February, we’d still brave the ice and snow to gather as a community-all the while complaining that it’s too cold. And because Canada is Canada, there’s a good bet somewhere in this great land will still have an unseasonably cold July 1.

It’s a wonder that there hasn’t been a Heritage Minute Canada made yet of how the ability to talk about the weather is one of the few things remaining that we can all agree on.

Admittedly, writing a ‘hooray for Canada’ editorial every late June used to be much easier. It seems like not that long ago that although there was always differences of opinion, when it came to the very core, Canadians stuck together. Healthy debate is always a good thing and whether we like to admit it or not, all the major political parties have contributed something of value to this country over the last 157 years. And yet, the divide seems to have grown exponentially the last five years. There are times when even the Canadian flag itself is used as a prop, some arguing over whether it means welcome or get out.

Social media has certainly provided a platform to the divisiveness, allowing the loudest voices from each side to appear as though they speak for the majority.

There’s no denying Canada has its flaws-whether its historical misdeeds or even present day problems. Then again what country doesn’t? Looking around the globe it becomes clear just how fortunate we are to live in a land that is both glorious and free. From picturesque landscapes to society that lands 13th on the world wide Freedom Index, there is much to be proud of this July 1.

There are certainly much worse places to raise a family and this reporter is externally grateful to have won the international lottery so to speak, having been born in the land of maple syrup and free healthcare. Even if said free health care costs an arm and a leg. At least getting that arm and leg reattached is covered.

Happy birthday, Canada.

-On a sad note, it’s with sadness that we note the passing of Sandy Eastlake. For years she authored a weekly On the Button curling article for the Beaver and was always a trusted source for updates on the happenings of the local curling club. Our condolences to the family.

-Adam Prudhomme

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