Boyd and Evelyn Ford

We would like to thank the firefighters, paramedics, air ambulance and those who stopped and helped at our accident on January 4, 2022 near Frizzell Road on Hwy 41. We also thank Dr. Kassam, Dr. Robinson and staff for the care at KGH when we arrived. Our appreciation to the Doctors, Nurses and all who cared for us at KGH, Napanee Hospital and Providence Care, also to the physio and occupational therapists who helped get us mobile again. Appreciation to relatives, church and other friends for their cards, calls, and anything else we received to urge our recovery. Thank you for all who said prayers for us and we also thank our dear Lord for pulling us through. The person who snowplowed our driveway, our girls really appreciated it, and to our neighbours who watched over our house for six and a half months we were in hospital. Thanks to the staff at the Hampton Inn for making us feel at home while we were there. Special thanks to our daughters for the amazing job keeping things going while working their own jobs. If we missed anyone we are sorry and we want to thank all who helped us. Thank you everyone and God bless you.

Boyd and Evelyn Ford.

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