GNFD kicks off smoke and carbon monoxide alarm residential check campaign

A GNES fire truck. Photo by Adam Prudhomme.

Members of the Greater Napanee Fire Department will be beginning their annual campaign of going door-to-door to check residents smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. These home visits began on May 23 and will continue until late summer/early fall.

The goal of the visits is to ensure the residents in our municipality are properly protected from the effects of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Alarm checks by GNES firefighters are not mandatory, but if allowed entry, GNFD personnel will identify issues and offer ways to fix them. GNFD can replace alarms which will come with a fee. If an alarm needs a battery, GNFD will install a new one for free.

Ontario saw a record number of fire related deaths in 2022, 133 in total. Many of the fatalities involved in those statistics did not have a working smoke alarm. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms provide early warning so you and your loved ones can get out of your home.

The alarm checks will be conducted randomly during weekdays, weekends, and evenings.

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