Trudeau’s partisan selection for election interference inquiry

The citizens of this country owe the Globe and Mail a word of thanks for two reasons.
First, for researching the authenticity of the confidential information on China’s interference in our two elections which was shared by a currently employed civil servant whistleblower and published for all of us to see.  Second, for withstanding the criticism levelled by frightened politicians who are running scared of the result.  As usual, our prime minister denied, denied, denied, thinking the issue would go away like other issues have in the past.  The Globe did not back off because they knew it was the truth and was not intimidated by Trudeau’s lies.
Finally, Trudeau knew the public was turning against him and demanding the truth.  He reluctantly admitted China had indeed interfered with the elections to make sure Trudeau won, who they saw as their supporter – they did not want to deal with the Conservatives.  Besides Trudeau admitted he has great admiration for the Chinese political process.
The prime minister promised to name an impartial, non partisan rapporteur to investigate and decide whether an explosive public enquiry should be held.  Who did Trudeau name? A family friend who holidayed with the Trudeau’s, socialized together and met regularly. Non partisan? Impartial?  Hardly! Another millions of  dollars report whose recommendations will be suspect and useless.
Amazing how democracy works in Canada with Pierre’s boy at the helm!  Our prime minister has a golden tongue, hates question period, loves to travel on our dime, enjoys lying but offers little else.  His Best Before date should be Aug 31, 2023.

Dick Dodds,

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