Selby’s sister city in the UK launches Facebook page

Beaver Staff

Selby residents wanting to keep up to date with their sister city across the pond in Selby, UK can now do so through Facebook.

Dennis Hartley, a representative of Ye Fraternitie Of Olde Selebians, reached out the Beaver to inform residents of their new Facebook group known as ‘Olde Selebians.’

“The Facebook page can be accessed by putting ‘Olde Selebians’ into the Facebook search engine,” Hartley writes. “The Facebook page is devoted to news, stories and photographs that may be of interest to your local residents.”

Greater Napanee’s Selby was officially twinned with the community of the same name in the UK in April of last year. The pairing was made in recognition of the work of podcasters Tim FitzHigham and John Hastings, who became interested in the two communities following a fun mishap. A resident of Selby, UK had gone online with the intention of purchasing tickets to a show at a theatre in their hometown. Instead they wound up purchasing tickets to a show at the Lennox Community Theatre, some 5,358 km away.



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