L&A Museum to launch new exhibit on climate change Sept. 28

Lennox and Addington Museum and Archives.

Lennox & Addington County Museum will open its newest exhibition later this month, “To What Degree? Canada in a changing climate”.

This travelling exhibit is on loan from Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation.

The exhibition is created in partnership with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Health Canada, Transport Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Indigenous Services Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, and in collaboration with Canadian Geographic.

“Individuals, governments and industry in Canada are being impacted today by climate change,” Christina Tessier, president and CEO of Ingenium, said in a release. “People and environments here are adapting to a changing climate in all kinds of ways, and it is important to find ways to share these stories with everyone. Exploring the issue creatively in this exhibit gives us an opportunity to connect people to climate change realities.’

To What Degree? Canada in a changing climate offers stories of people and ecosystems throughout Canada adapting in unique ways to our changing climate. Using compelling photography and minimal text, these stories explore individual and community resilience in the face of extreme events like heat, storms and wildfires; changes in livelihood due to habitat shifts, and even opportunities for quality of life improvements.

“We hope our local community will leave this exhibit feeling more informed about climate change,” said JoAnne Himmelman, supervisor and curator of the L&A County Museum. “The images are a powerful reminder of how serious this issue is, but also offer hope showing how resilient and adaptable we can be. This is a global issue, but affects us here at home.”

The exhibit will be available for viewing at the Museum starting Sept. 28 and will run until Dec. 31. More details can be found at https://countymuseum.ca/exhibit/to-what-degree/

The Lennox and Addington Museum is located at 97 Thomas St. E in Napanee.

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