Helen Hutchison Reserve one step closer to being established

A plot of Napanee River front property across from King Street Park will soon officially be donated to the Town of Greater Napanee to be known as the Helen Hutchison Nature Reserve.

A piece of river-front property across from King Street Park in Napanee is one step closer to being turned into a nature reserve.

Last week, Larry Davy, the current owner of the property, received an important letter. The property has received “ecological sensitivity certification” from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Ecological Gifts program. It’s property gift number ON872.
This means that Davy can complete his donation of the property to the Town of Greater Napanee, knowing that it has the added protection of being an ecological gift. It will be called the “Helen Hutchison Nature Reserve”.

“I am happy to see this property protected in the name of a person who would really appreciate setting aside a place for nature along the river. I hope that my gift will stimulate the Town to give further thought to protecting more of the Napanee River. It is a wonderful area,” says long-time Napanee resident Davy.

The transfer of ownership should be completed within the next few weeks.

The group donating the property thanks everyone who donated to the Small Change Fund to cover the survey, appraisal, and other costs to make this donation possible and to everyone who helped in so many different ways to make this nature reserve possible.

More news soon about plans to revitalize the wetland and shoreline with plantings.

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