A letter from the ‘other’ Selby

We were pleased to learn that our two towns have been twinned and hope that this leads to many friendships being forged at all levels and among all ages over the coming years.

With its unconventional beginning, a misunderstanding over a letter’s address and the two entertainers deciding to look deeper into this during the lockdown, the twinning will now go from strength to strength with the exchange of views and explanations of differences in ordinary daily life.

Selby UK is usually described as a small market town in North Yorkshire. It has had many ups and downs over the centuries but is now mostly residential with people travelling to work.

This has resulted in a good rail link to nearby cities, even London in two hours. We have a daytime economy of small friendly cafes and independent shops and a night-time economy of restaurants, traditional public houses and events at the Town Hall and the Abbey.

When in the town you are only ever a few minutes walk from the countryside. This gives the town its identity, as observed by visitors and newcomers, of not being truly urbanized or rural.
Selby is surrounded by small villages who organize galas etc.

We hope this has whetted your appetite and you are interested in learning more just as we are about your town and its activities.


Bernard Middleton
Selby, North Yorkshire

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