Liberal-NDP deal an affront to democracy

The proposed love-in between the Liberals and the NDP is an affront to democracy, makes Parliament unnecessary, further neuters Question Period, makes a joke of the chaotic Conservative leadership race and provides Trudeau and Singh with the safety of a job until at least 2025 by shutting out public choice.  Without healthy debate of legislation it is a perfect cover-up of a multitude of issues such as the Truckers’ Convoy inquiry, our minimal contribution to the Ukraine war, our under spending on the military, the sexual issues in the military, the governor general investigation, our refusal to further support the current oil industry, the lateness of the budget by the chosen one and the many political mistakes and inefficiencies being foisted upon us.  At one time we had counted on the media as the “official opposition” who would challenge legislation and inefficient government, but not anymore, as they have become so bias that the public has lost faith in their political challenges and points of view.  So what will we have when the love-in is in operation?  We’ll have the dictatorial Chinese style  government our Prime Minister openly envies, where profound, arbitrary decisions will be made over lunch between the two leaders. Once these decisions are made the Prime Minister will be free to travel internationally for photo-ops, while lecturing other world leaders.  This is frightening, as democracy is taking a beating in our own backyard!
Dick Dodds
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