Art and Found Day taking place in Napanee this Saturday

The Barn by Joanne Kells Chalmers, one of 10 local artists taking part in Art and Found Day this Saturday.

Adam Prudhomme

Greater Napanee residents will want to keep a keen eye out for hidden paintings, photos, drawings and more this Saturday during international Art and Found Day.
Anyone who locates a hidden gem throughout the community is free to keep it. Several members of Greater Napanee Area Arts Association (GNAAA) will be taking part, leaving their creations throughout the region. Finding one doesn’t shouldn’t require too much hunting however as they’ll be placed in high traffic, easily seen locals such as parks, green spaces or lobbies.

“Each piece of work, whether it be artwork or jewelry or photograph, whatever the case, it will be safely wrapped up and visibly labeled,” explains Lisa Ray Koenig, the artist behind Groovy Cats paintings. She’s one of 10 local artists confirmed to be taking part.

Included in the artwork will be a card containing a small bio about the artist. Anyone who finds a work of art is encouraged to share a photo of it to social media with #ArtandFound.

Safe by Lisa Ray Koenig.

“Because of COVID there hasn’t been many art shows so it’s a nice way of paying it forward with artwork and just sort of allowing people to be exposed to works of art that is locally created right here in our community,” said Koenig. “For the artists it gets it off our walls and put it on somebody else’s wall.”

Other local artists taking part include Jeanne Hudson, Joanne Kells Chalmers, Gerry Hogaboam, Marion Morgan, Diane Cote, Marion Janssens, Catherine Howard, Tammy Hood and Karen Rochon.

Art and Found Day is an international event, first initiated by Toronto artist Courtney Senior. Now in its seventh year it has grown to now be featured in 38 countries with nearly 800 artists participating. To learn more visit

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