Trudeau should have met with protestors

It is only fitting that I extend to Rick Revelle my heartfelt thanks for providing me with more fulsome insights into the recent truckers protest and the background of a number of the protesters (The Beaver – February 14).
Mr. Revelle will be upset to learn that in spite of his criticism and insights I, along with a significant number of my Conservative, Liberal and NDP friends believe the protest was badly handled by an inexperienced and stubborn Prime Minister and believe he should have met with the initial group of protesters to determine if a resolution could be reached regarding the questionable mandating of vaccines at the border.  Instead, the Prime Minister and his minions called the truckers childish names and chose to hide for two weeks, giving time for a number of fringe groups, questionable individuals and professional protesters with ridiculous demands and actions, to infiltrate the smaller group of sincere and concerned truckers. This was predicted by many.  Eventually, Trudeau came out of hiding, had the short lived Emergency Act passed with the help of the NDP Party and then took credit for ending the protest.
Again, thank you Mr. Revelle for enlightening me.
Dick Dodds
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