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Catherine Coles
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Each month, I am emailed an automated report from our database that lists all of the items with the highest holds (or the most reservations) in our library system. It lets us know which books we should consider buying more copies of to keep up with demand and gives us insight into what authors and genres have drawn the interest of our users. Below is a list of five titles that are currently on-order in our database and are yet to be published, but have nonetheless grown a long list of local readers eager to get their hands on a copy.

Dream Town by David Baldacci (expected publication date April 19)

David Baldacci has long been a favourite among local library patrons. His forthcoming novel Dream Town follows Private Investigator and WWII veteran Aloysius Archer as he is ensnared in a lethal case set against a glamourous yet gritty 1950s Los Angeles backdrop.

The Recovery Agent by Janet Evanovich (expected publication date March 22)

Janet Evanovich’s characters are old friends to many readers. Her forthcoming novel The Recovery Agent is the first book in a brand new series that is expected to have the same charms (wild adventure, appealing characters, side-splitting humour) as perennial favourite Stephanie Plum. It follows Gabriella Rose, a recovery agent on a treasure hunt in the jungles of Peru.

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley (expected publication date Feb. 22)

British novelist Lucy Foley has quickly found popularity writing in the niche of the modern locked room mystery. Her latest follows a down on her luck woman who decides to move to Paris to crash at her half-brother’s apartment. When she arrives, she not only finds that the apartment is disconcertingly luxe, but her brother is nowhere to be found. As she digs into his situation, she gets to know his eclectic neighbours and begins to suspect something nefarious is afoot.

The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn (expected publication date March 29)

Kate Quinn has long been established as a fan favourite of book clubs and anyone who enjoys engaging historical fiction. The Diamond Eye tells the story of Lyudmila “Mila” Pavlichenko, a fascinating, complex character who was a soldier and sniper for the Red Army but also a single mother, a library researcher, and an envoy to the United States.

Run, Rose, Run by Dolly Parton and James Patterson (expected publication date March 7t

While Run, Rose, Run is written by a pair of unlikely collaborators, readers seem to have taken great interest. This thriller is described as an emotional and gripping tale of a young country singer who tries to achieve her dreams by heading to Nashville and fleeing her troubled past, only to find it catching up with her.

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