TTO launches trailer for upcoming documentary Six Strings

Tsi Tyónheht Onkwawén:na Mohawk Language and Culture Centre has published 30 children's books in the Mohawk language.

An upcoming documentary film aims to tell the story of  a bitter dispute between rival factions within the Mohawk Village on the Bay of Quinte escalated into violence and murder on June 10, 1800

 Six Strings is the compelling, revealing, and true account of how the Mohawk people conducted their own system of justice, embracing reconciliation and forgiveness with the custom of condolence and commitment to move forward towards peace. This historic moment is an educational and noteworthy one, which highlights the traditional governance structures, conflict resolution techniques, and other cultural practices of Mohawk Peoples.

 This upcoming film, which is mainly in the Mohawk language with limited English dialogue, is being produced by Tsi Tyónnheht Onkwawén:na (TTO) with support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The project will be unveiled on Feb. 21 via a seven-minute teaser trailer at The Regent Theatre in Picton, ON.

 “This is a proud moment for us as we celebrate all those who have made this film a reality and look towards its 2022 release,” said Callie Hill, Executive Director of TTO. “This rich document will help educate both Indigenous Peoples and settlers on many elements of our cultural heritage. We envision a community where Onkwehonwe’néha is a part of all aspects of our daily life, and one way we achieve this is through the preservation and animation of cultural heritage.”

 The Feb. 21 event where this trailer will first be shown is entitled Onkwakara’shón:’a Enyakwathró:ri (Our stories we will tell). It will also include a series of short films from Bawaadan Collective, an Indigenous arts group. The event will conclude with a Q&A held virtually with the stars of Six Strings.

It has been a tremendous honour to play a small part in helping bring this part of the story to life,” said Yuma Hester, the film’s director and Creative Director with the Bawaadan Collective. “Massive respect to the incomparable Callie Hill for her leadership. Nya:wen [thank you].”

 “The Regent Theatre is thrilled to be partnering with TTO to screen this premiere as part of our Special Screening series supported by the Ontario Arts Council and Telefilm Canada,” said Alexandra Seay, General Manager of The Regent Theatre. “We pride ourselves in being able to amplify and reflect the diversity of voices and experience in our community through art.”

 A limited number of free tickets will be distributed to community members in Tyendinaga. Tickets are also available through The Regent Theatre’s website at a cost of $20. All tickets must be booked online at or by emailing This event will only proceed on the condition that COVID restrictions in Ontario allow for in-person viewings of films. Attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination & ID at the door and, to wear a mask. All seats are automatically physically distanced at time of purchase. Those who are ill on the day of the show are encouraged to stay home.

 The full production of Six Strings into a feature length film is contingent on future funding, and TTO is awaiting the outcome of relevant grant applications.

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