Government mandate is not democracy

I am very pleased to see that you recognize the inherently false claims, from Canadian MSM, that the popular truckers “Convoy for Freedom” has not resulted in empty shelves at the grocery stores.

You touch briefly on the disgusting swastika flag flying, disrespecting of the War Memorial but you could have been more clear and said that there is “no proof that those actions were taken by anyone involved in the totally peaceful Convoy for Freedom movement” instead of the words you choose to make the issue unclear, as the Liberal paid media is want to do.  It is also unfortunate that (clearly) no member of the Beaver has done their journalistic diligence and gone to Ottawa for themselves.  No streets are completely blockaded, all left lanes are always open for traffic.  You also confuse Canadians “right to protest” vs “Infringing on the freedoms of those who live and work in downtown Ottawa”.  Nobody who lives and works in downtown Ottawa is unable to freely go about their business.  Perhaps inconvenienced, but having fought in a few wars I can say with honesty that being inconvenienced should be of little consequence to freedom.  As you say “Canada is built on democracy”.  No government mandate, at any level, have been legislated, passed into law, or even deliberated in Parliament. A government mandate is not democracy.  Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) is being violated by the actions of both Federal and Provincial governments.  Preamble, The rule of Law. Part 1, Limits proscribed by law. Part 2, Freedom of religion, conscience, assembly, and association. Part 6, Mobility Rights. Part 15, Rights of Equality. and, Part 24, Enforcement of these freedoms.  I encourage everyone to give it a read sometime.  The Convoy for Freedom is not about the Truckers mandate to be vaxxed.  It is about the Freedom of Canadians.  They are not the “fringe”.  If people are afraid of the virus then stay at home forever.  We need to protect our vulnerable.  Let the rest of us live.

Gavin Cross

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