Praising God for young Jude’s rescue

I believe that all of us were so grateful when Jude Leyton was found alive.

Those of us who had been praying for his rescue, not recovery, were so blessed and encouraged by the fact that he was alive and returned to his family. We praise all who faithfully searched diligently to bring him home. I was pleased when his mother gave thanks also for the payers. I am sorry that in this time, people are so reluctant to praise God. Or give God and prayer any credit when some of us, the reason for his protection was so evident. At anytime in life, we need hope but especially now, when COVID-19 has taken over our world.

God is our hope, he is our protector, and he waits for anyone to call out to Him for help. His will and timing may be different than we would choose, but he does answer. For three-year-old Jude Leyton, as he was found that Wednesday afternoon, we all realize how cold it was on Wednesday night. Perfect timing.

I am so thankful that God will/can still provide miracles in answer to our prayers. God loves you and will answer your prayers if you offer them to him.

God bless you,
Linda Armstrong

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