Letter-shocked to hear Erinsville hog farm was approved

My wife and I recently moved to Tamworth from Toronto, one of the main reasons being the clean environment and what appeared to be a community focus on keeping the environment pristine.

I was therefore very shocked to see that not only was there an application for a hog farm but that without requesting community input, (in the middle of a pandemic) the Stone Mills Council had approved that application.

I am pleased that there is now a growing backlash to that farm but have to wonder, does council represent it’s constituents or is there some back-room dealing going on?

Given the growing climate change concerns, it seems to me that not only does the world (including Stone Mills) not need another hog farm but that being so close to two major watersheds (Salmon and Moira Rivers) it is irresponsible to have one there. (Not to mention all the private wells nearby that potentially could be contaminated).

I also feel that from an animal rights perspective, to put a hog farm in an area that seems to have quite a lot of 30 degree plus days, it is going to put them in more stress than they already will be. (I’m sure they won’t be air-conditioned).

I for one will not be purchasing pork products.

Colin Speirs

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