KFLA Public Health reports new positive COVID-19 case, says demographics shifting to patients in their 20s

Adam Prudhomme

KFLA Public Health reported a new positive case of COVID-19 in the region on Monday, bringing the total number of active cases in the community to four.

The health unit reports Monday’s case was a man in his 20s, which follows a similar trend to that of the two cases reported on Friday. In that instance it was a man and a woman in their 20s who tested positive.

“We had three cases last week,” said KFLA Public Health officer of health Dr. Kieran Moore in a YouTube video address. “Two of the cases acquired the infection out of our province, another acquired the infection outside of our region. What we see in common between this is that they are a younger age group and that’s being experienced across North America now. They’re in their early 20s, they’re going to social gathering, cottagers or parties and they’re being informed there was someone at that social event that was tested positive.”

In all three instances, the local residents sought out a test after they were informed someone at their social gathering tested positive. They then got tested and isolated while they waited for the lab to get back to them.

“ As a result, they have remained a very low risk for our community,” said Moore. “This is working out well that individuals are getting tested, are isolating till they get their results and minimizing the risk of spread to others in our community. But it tells us the story that we are going to see the demographic change somewhat, we’re seeing social circles increase for sure and we’re seeing people travel more across the region. We all have to be vigilant and we all have to adhere to the best practices of hand hygiene, wearing a mask when you’re in a commercial enterprise or where you can’t physically distance and ensure that if you develop symptoms that you get tested quickly.”

Moore said the local health unit is working at full capacity to process test results and follow up with every positive test to do contact tracing.

Monday’s positive test brings the total number of cases since the start of the pandemic up to 109, with 105 of them being resolved with no deaths.

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