KIMMETT – In loving memory of a dear son, father, grandfather, brother and uncle, Rob Kimmett, who left us June 4, 2009.

From “Hard Rock Masonry”:
To lose someone so special
Is really hard to bear,
It hardly seems believable
That you’re no longer here.
You left us far too early,
Before your time it seems,
And now you’ll never have
The chance to fulfill those dreams.
However hard it is thought,
We’ll take comfort in the thought
Of all the memories we have
And the happiness you brought.
You always lived life to the fullest
But ours won’t be the same
Until the day when we can see
Your smiling face again.
Gone but not forgotten.

Love forever, Mom, Dad, Tyler, Devon, Jason, Ryden, Charlie, Shawn, Liz, Annette, Jack, Cadence and Oliver.

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