Amherst Island’s Topsy Farms encourages Canadians to grow Victory Gardens

A finished garden bed on Amhest Island. Submitted photo.

Sarah Williams
Beaver Staff

Topsy Farms on Amherst Island recently announced a Victory Garden partnership with Kubota Canada.

With a name that hearkens back to the First World War, the Victory Garden partnership is part of the Grow Stronger initiative, designed like those early Victory Gardens to encourage Canadians to grow food, grow community and grow as individuals, ultimately “growing stronger together”.

“To boost morale and assist with the food supply during WW I and WW II, Victory Gardens were grown at private residences and at public parks by people of all ages. This encouraged everyone to be farmers and to contribute in a positive way, to feel a sense of control and purpose at a frighteningly difficult time when food supply was challenged,” wrote Topsy Farms in a recent press release.

The value of growing various vegetables, fruits and herbs in one’s own backyard continues to be of great importance.

Topsy Farms and Kubota Canada believe that all Canadians can be farmers, whether they have a large or small growing space.

“Together we intend to support our local community on Amherst Island and, by example, across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic,” they wrote. “ Locally and nationally we will provide a positive and educational social awareness campaign, promoting the key benefits of Victory Gardening from a social distance and helping Canadians grow stronger.”

Many on Amherst Island have responded eagerly to the project. Topsy Farms has stated that they are enthusiastic participants because it enables their neighbours to do more for themselves and for others.

They also encourage donations to Loving Spoonful, where possible.

This time has been described as Canada’s opportunity to grow: Grow food, grow appreciation and grow stronger. Participating in this project also helps shed light on the values of our farming community and how it affects us all.

Kubota Canada Ltd. is an affiliate of Kubota Corporation, a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan. They have loaned Topsy Farms the relevant farm equipment necessary to clear ground, erect fences, excavate for Hügelkultur and other garden techniques requested by each person.

The equipment from Kubota Canada will enable Topsy Farms to provide cedar logs, barn boards, earth, and manure all from the farm to each farming neighbour.

Labour is given freely to each family.

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