Calling for more transparency from Limestone District School Board

I have serious concerns about the governance of the Limestone District School Board and the lack of transparency demonstrated by the board that I feel must be addressed.

For example, trustees were censured in private meetings. Trustees Mahoney and Hutcheon were reprimanded for representing their constituents, which is their duty as an elected representative.

No reasons were provided by the board and the trustees cannot speak about why they were disciplined. Because of the censure we are not represented by our elected trustee on educational matters vital to the well-being and safety of our children. We have no trustee to act on our behalf to prevent violence and the bulling of our youngsters. It is undemocratic. Then, the rationale given by senior staff for closing Yarker Family School in 2017 was based on misleading and sometimes missing information. Senior staff at LDSB bullied everyone, ignored alternatives, and marginalized and controlled PAR committee members, Stone Mills Township council and the public.

The board used this is the same pattern of behaviour to close schools near Napanee in 2009, replaced by only one new school instead of two. For these and many other reasons, there needs to be an independent unbiased and complete investigation into the governance of the Limestone District School Board. Every one of our concerns must be addressed. I have already sent my concerns to Suzanne Ruttan, Chair of the Board, LDSB, and I urge others to do the same.

Thank you,

Gail Knowles


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