Limestone elementary teachers to implement more work-to-rule on Monday, rotating strikes possible for Jan. 20

From the Limestone District School Board website:

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has announced it will begin phase three of its work-to-rule job action beginning Jan. 13.

This means that in addition to withdrawing various administrative duties, educators will not participate in extra-curricular activities except for those that are scheduled within the regular school day; educators will not plan or participate in any assemblies, except to provide supervision to students; and educators will not participate in field trips. Extra-curricular activities after the school day are cancelled effective Jan. 13, and previously planned field trips are also cancelled. Schools will work with families on refunding any fees paid where possible.

It is important for families to know that there continues to be no impact on student learning and the delivery of the curriculum at this time.

ETFO has also indicated that if the government does not address critical issues by Jan. 17, ETFO members will begin rotating strikes beginning Jan. 20. While we have no further information on what this might look like for families in Limestone, it may be prudent for families to begin seeking alternative arrangements for child care should rotating strikes occur. The Board will be given five days notice should strike action take place.

We remain hopeful that an agreement can be reached soon at the central bargaining table between the province, the unions, and the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA), which represents public school boards at the provincial table.

The Board will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

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