Looking Back Week of November 21

80 Years Ago
November 22, 1939

At its regular town meeting, Napanee town councillor F.J. Vanalstine, chairman of the Fire and Water Committee, presented the annual report of the fire department and the statement of remuneration for the firemen for the year. The total cost to the town was $995.52.

Each firefighter received $25 for the year while the chief was paid $50, in addition to payment for each hour spent on duty.

Fire fighters answered 54 calls in 1939 and total fire loss was $1,700.

-The Red Cross Campaign Fund for Lennox and Addington reached a total of $5,294, which exceeded its goal of $5,000.

30 Years Ago
November 22, 1989

A 15-year-old driver of a stolen car that crashed near Napanee and killed five youths was sentenced to 26 months in secure custody by a provincial judge.

The crash occurred on Hwy 401 on Feb. 4, 1989.

-Just two days after a mass demonstration shutdown Millhaven Institution, striking parole and prison workers were back on the job.

The 16-day strike came to an end after more than 1,100 union members voted 67 per cent in favour of a 47-month contract. It gave workers a 28 per cent wage increase before the contract ran out, which was November 1991.

-It was a full house in Napanee’s town hall as concerned citizens asked how and when a new water-clean up program would affect Napanee.

Ministry of the Environment officials were on hand to explain the role the Greater Napanee Water, Sewer and Pollution Control Board would play in implementing restrictions industries were facing when discharging into Ontario’s waterways.

-In preparation for future growth, Lennox and Addington County Board of Education took the first steps towards the tentative construction of a new elementary school in Napanee.

The board had included in their 1991 capital expenditure forecast a figure of $250,000 to purchase the land for the proposed site of the school.

There were two speculative areas mentioned by for the new school: the Westdale area and east of the board offices near Trentway-Wagar.

-Enterprise beef farmer Roy Baker had a rare occurence on his farm when his cow Blossom gave birth to triplets. With over 50 years farming experience, Baker says he had never heard of a beef cow birthing triplets.

-NDSS junior boys volleyball team were the best ‘AA’ team in central Ontario after capturing the Central Ontario Secondary School Association championship in Cobourg.

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