November staff picks roundup

Catherine Coles
Coles Notes

The staff of the County of L&A Libraries are avid readers and always eager to share their favourite books. Here we bring you a list of some of the reads we’ve recently enjoyed. This month you’ll find something for just about everyone: a chilling horror novel, a charming picture book, and several thoughtful non-fiction titles.

Julie suggests The Remaking by Clay McLeod Chapman

The Remaking is one creepy, skin crawling read. Urban legends abound when a mother and daughter are burned at the stake for being witches in 1931 in small town Virginia. A man who is haunted by the tale as a boy decides to direct the movie based on the horrific events and nine-year-old Amber Pendleton, who is cast as the daughter, narrowly escapes with her life during the filming. Fast forward to 20+ years later and she is now a C actress when a director approaches her to be involved in the remake of the film where she will be cast as the mother. Will she be able to survive the second time around or will she be pulled back down the rabbit hole?”

Amy suggests This is Baby by Jimmy Fallon and Miguel Ordonez

“Jimmy Fallon and Miguel Ordonez, author and illustrator of Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA and Everything Is Mama, return with another amusing toddler-friendly book.  This is Baby is a sweet and simple book that covers body vocabulary and pairs nicely with cute animals who compare their own features with baby’s (a rhinoceros for “nose”, a fish for “lips”, etc). The playful faces of the diverse babies will appeal to readers young and old. Grab your baby bookworms close and get ready to rhyme and laugh your way through the colourful illustrations until you find the most important part (hint: something to do with love). This is a book that will become a treasured reread for families with little ones.”

Kristin suggests Read Something Else by Lemony Snicket

“Are you looking for wit, wisdom and inspiration? Need tips on how to survive the turbulent journey and adventures of life? Well look no further than Lemony Snicket! The bestselling author has grouped together some of his most dubious and insightful offerings from his previous books and unpublished stories. He has even included some never-before-heard quotations in this useful and thought-provoking collection. I encourage everyone to read this book as it was a true pleasure (definitely don’t take the title to heart) full of intriguing ideas and perspectives on life!”

Patricia suggests The Eleventh Hour by Jacques Goldstyn

“Jules and Jim are best friends and do everything together including signing up to serving in the war. Jules is always two minutes late and in the end this saves his life…but changes it forever. There are some very powerful picture books that highlight the impact of war. This is one that, in a very few pages, effectively captures the meaning for even our youngest readers.”

Jennifer suggests Highway of Tears by Jessica McDiarmid

“Highway of Tears explores the national travesty of the hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls along Canada’s Hwy 16. Journalist Jessica McDiarmid describes systemic racism seen in multiple small communities dotting this isolated stretch of highway in British Columbia. Among other things, she reveals a deadly brew of tensions over land claims, stereotypes of girls and women, and pervasive over-policing and under-protecting of Indigenous residents.

The book examines about 20 individual cases revisited in RCMP national inquiries. Each profile reveals a brutal and senseless loss-which in turn triggers family trauma and underscores a cultural legacy of injustice. McDiarmid takes time to put a face on each victim. A key takeaway is that social justice requires broad social response.”

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