George McLaughlin

I would like to publicly thank everyone who recently helped me to celebrate my 80th birthday. It was a celebration I will cherish forever! Thank you to the Lakeview Tavern in Erinsville for hosting. Thank you to my very good friends Doug Dodd and the Fred Brown band. I’ve always admired your talent and you did not disappoint in turning things into a proper party! Thank you to Becky Hinch Photography for doing a superb job of capturing candid moments, and to Marg Kennedy, your beautiful cakes never cease to amaze me. Thank you to my family for coming from far and wide. Particular thanks to my sister Doris and her husband, Lawrence, who flew in from Alberta. Thank you to my sister Kay for hosting a family bbq at her cottage afterwards. How wonderful to continue the celebration all together at the lake. I honestly can’t believe I’m 80. That being said, every morning when my feet hit the floor, I feel blessed for the life I’ve had. Thank you to my wife, Dovie and our children, Chris and Lisa, for all of your planning and hard work. There is no gift that you could’ve bought me that would have meant as much to me as simply having so many from the community gather together. Thank you to everyone for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and wish me well. I’ve loved reading through the dozens of cards I received. If you missed the party or we didn’t have long to chat, don’t hesitate to give me call. As you know, I love a good visit, 705-652-7718.

Warm regards, George McLaughlin.

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