Looking Back Week of June 6

80 years ago

A meeting of the Napanee Retail Merchants reported area merchants favoured closing early for the summer months.

Merchants agreed that closing their places of business each night at 7 p.m., save for Saturday, was desirable. On Saturdays they would close at 10 p.m.

-The historic village of Bath saw their population swell by more than 100 people when the 15 branches of the Lennox district Women’s Institute met for their annual convention.

30 years ago

A low turn out to a June 1, 1989 public information session about a possible sports/cultural complex cast doubt about the project’s feasibility.

About 15 people attended the Napanee’s Lions Hall to hear the findings of a study conducted by Proctor and Redfern Group, a consulting and engineering firm from Kingston. They were hired by the Napanee Recreation and Culture Committee to make recommendations on a possible complex that would include a 25 metre indoor swimming pool, two squash courts and a multi-purpose room which could be used by various groups in the community, including the theatre guild.

Spokesperson Stephen Archibald said the predicted cost for the centre, if built to recommendations, would be $6.3 million and would require up to $300,000 to run annually. Preferred locations indicated it be built close to Napanee District Secondary School, possibly on land between the high school and The Prince Charles Public School.

-Despite the pleas of nearly 75 Bingo Tyme supporters, Napanee council refused to revoke its decision to grant the Oddfellows Lodge a monopoly on Friday night Bingos in town.

Instead they decided to form a committee comprising of Bingo Tyme owner Ron Deremo, a member from the Lions, Legion and Oddfellows and council representation.

Deremo said when he first started hosting Bingo hall in 1987, he operated three nights a week and was losing money. He began to turn a profit when he added a fourth night and was now looking to add a fifth-Friday nights-which conflicted with Oddfellows, who had hosted Bingo nights every Friday since 1949. The Oddfellows had petitioned to council that Deremo be unable to operate on Fridays.

-Ernestown Secondary School vice-principal Mike Dollack was announced to have been promoted to the school’s principal, effective Aug. 1 of 1989.

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