Looking Back Week of May 9

80 Years Ago

April 19, 1939

A Bath and Amherst Island tax collector pled guilty to the theft of nearly $15,000 from the two municipalities. He was remanded into custody to await his sentence. He served as tax collector for the two areas from 1930 to 1938.

– Arthur White, an Excelsior Cheesemaker, was awarded a $10 prize after scoring the second highest rating among the county.

The average cheese rating in White’s factory was 96 per cent.

– A new ferry boat, slated to operate between Glenora and Adolphustown, was scheduled to arrive on May 15, 1939.

When light, the ferry was reported to be able to travel eight miles per hour. It could carry three lines of cars and would require three to four workers to operate. Framework on the Adolphustown shore was being put into place to accommodate the new boat.

In 1938 it was reported that the previous ferry had transported 39,000 across the water. A marginal increase was expected in 1939 as the area was becoming known as a scenic drive.

– A meeting of tennis enthusiasts in Napanee was held at town hall to discuss the possibility of reviving the town’s tennis club.

No definite organization was formed but a committee was named to confer with the Napanee Golf and Country Club on the matter of making the tennis club a part of the golf club. Tennis had been popular in the town until the previous two or three years when interest had begun to wane. A court was maintained near the county building but reconstruction of the courts in the same area was determined to be a great deal of labour and cost.

– Internationally, Poland tossed the question of European peace to Adolf Hitler as a solution to the Danzig and Polish Corridor problems.

During the negotiations Polish foreign minister Josef Beck was quoted as saying “It is still a case of one-sided concessions which the government of the Reich seems to be demanding of us.”

 30 Years Ago

April 12, 1989

Another stabbing at Millhaven Institute, the third in less than a month, forced a lockdown at the facility.

– Amherst Island residents lost the battle to keep students on the island.

Unless stable enrolment and the implementation of proposed transportation were met, students would be attending Bath Public School in September of 1990.

– A Port Hope man drowned in Deseronto Bay of Quinte.

The 66-year-old was in the area to take part in the opening of pickerel season.

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