Incoming Beaver editor a familiar name

Before I dive right in to offering my weekly editorial opinion, I’ll start with an introduction.

My by-line should be familiar to regular readers, as next month will mark my 11-year anniversary at the Napanee Beaver.

Originally brought in as a sports reporter, the job description has evolved to cover everything from town council, provincial elections, theatre previews, court cases and everything in between to now the role as managing editor. Rink-side at a Napanee Raiders game or at the table covering a council meeting, this job has afforded me a look into all aspects of the town.

Quickly I realized this paper was held in high regard within the community and it became clear the importance of maintaining that stature.

Since joining the editorial team in 2008 I’ve seen this proud paper, founded in 1870, grow to include a digital component at that allows for up-to-the minute news while still holding onto the charm of a weekly print edition.

Just as the paper has evolved over the last decade, so too has the town. Just a few months after my arrival, the Gibbard Furniture building closed its doors, signalling the end of an era. Since then it has undergone a revival with work beginning on the Gibbard District condominium and storefront.

Along the way I’ve had the good fortunate to learn from previous editors Seth DuChene and more recently Adam Bramburger. I strive to continue the outstanding reputation those two helped to earn for our community newspaper.

Though not born in Napanee (I grew up an hour and half west of here in Whitby), I’ve grown to consider this my hometown. Admittedly I knew very little of the town before I moved here, knowing it only as the home of Avril Lavigne. A job offer with the Beaver first attracted me to the town that is Greater for Many Reasons. Since that time I’ve had a unique opportunity to meet a wide array of personalities that help to shape this town and had a front row seat at the events, meetings and press conferences that have had the biggest impact. It was also a pleasant surprise to learn the town shares my passion for the ball diamond. Luckily Napanee Express teams have exhibited considerably more success over these years than have the Toronto Blue Jays, of which I am a long-suffering fan.

Gone now are the days of living in the ‘big city’ of the Greater Toronto Area, traded for a rural life on a hobby farm with my wife, daughter, over 30 chickens, two dogs, one horse and a mule. Not necessarily a life I had ever envisioned, but one I wouldn’t trade for anything, either.

At weekend community events I can be spotted with a camera around my neck and more recently, with a two-year old ‘assistant’ helping me to cover the news.

I look forward to continuing to tell the stories that matter the most to this community. I would also like to thank Jean Morrison and the Morrison family for first giving me the opportunity to work in the industry and now the show of confidence to serve as managing editor.

I look forward to using this space to provide thoughtful opinions on local and national issues and promote discussion within the community.

-Adam Prudhomme

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