New year offers range of new possibilities

Laurie Snider
Notes from the Nest

Once the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve and the calendar officially rolls over to begin a brand new year, I am filled with hope, inspiration, optimism and a sense of wonder. I now have 12 months or 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours or 525,600 minutes to make the most of.

At this point in my life, I hesitate to make official resolutions, as year after year, I have seen them broken, before Cupid’s arrow even strikes. Instead, for the past several years, I spend the first few days of the year writing about my goals, plans, hopes and dreams. New Year’s, is the natural time in the year to reset and revaluate. The heady rush of the Christmas season, full of all manner of over-indulgences, is done. Another year full of new beginnings, fresh starts and more opportunities, is upon us.

The decorations have been taken down and carefully packed away for another year and our lovely, still fragrant, Balsam fir tree has been moved outside. It will spend the remainder of the winter providing shelter and protection, for the many birds that frequent our feeders, especially with the lingering cold this season.

I take great pleasure in looking out the window, on a wintery day, when the tree is covered in snow, watching the little birds flitting about, in and out of it, during the worst of the weather. I’m pleased we are able to extend the usefulness of the tree, before it finds it’s way to being composted in the spring.

As much as I enjoy holidays and celebrations, it always feels satisfying, even comforting, to restore some normalcy, regular rhythm and routine to our life again. I believe there is much to be said for average, ordinary, common days.

When I’m open minded and paying attention, I realize they have many gifts to offer up, as well. Simple, healthy meals, relaxing evenings by the fire with Randy watching our favourite shows or reading, walks in the snowy fields with the dogs, cuddles and naps with the cats and watching all of the birds and other wildlife, that are frequent visitors to our yard.

Resetting for me, means finding balance in all aspects of my life; body, mind and spirit. When I’m paying attention, to each of these areas, this is when I’m functioning at my best. Filling my body with nutritious food, getting enough rest and finding fun ways to keep moving, are all essential.

My health issues, are a part of my reality. Some days I enjoy a swim, or a skate, or dancing around the dining room table, like nobody’s watching. Other days resting, meditation and engaging in quieter activities, is what works best. It’s about listening, to what my body is telling me, that is key.

I also value the time I spend writing and pursuing other creative projects, that I enjoy. I have several writing projects on the go and I’m looking forward to continuing to develop them. Creating, whether with the written word, wool, felt, fabric, or a needle and thread, are all good medicine for me. It’s always fun deciding, which new creative pursuits, I will tackle.

Making sure to spend time outdoors everyday, is also a priority. As long as I’m dressed properly, I’ve learned to appreciate all kinds of weather, rain or shine, sleet or hail, each with its own unique properties to experience. Some of my most interesting wildlife encounters, have been during foul weather.

Setting aside time to take stock and re-examine plans, goals and dreams, is a great way to help me refocus and decide where and how I want to spend my energy. I prefer to think of them as guideposts. Life happens. Distractions, good and bad are bound to occur, which will lead to inevitable derailments. This is why I like to add the caveat, that I will do my best.

I know as I set off and travel on my own personal journey this year, there are times I’m likely to drive off the road. Experience has taught me though, that if that happens, eventually a tow truck, or friendly farmer with a tractor, will come along and send me back on my way. Then, I will continue to proceed. I will stare into the sun, let the wind blow through my hair, give thanks and keep driving toward the horizon, offering the world my very best!

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