Budget process works for Napanee

This is in response to the letter from Keith Chapman in the Dec. 21 edition.

Regardless of how Kingston or other bigger centres choose to do things, it has no bearing on Napanee.  As their budgets are considerably larger than that of Napanee, perhaps they have to start earlier.  And, considering that elections are in October for both, would it be fair to saddle new members with budget talks while they get accustomed to their new jobs?

Secondly, it would be nice to see if budgeted amounts were needed and if there are any surpluses or shortfalls, to better plan for the following year.  And in the end, who really cares?  It obviously works for our municipality.

How unfortunate that Chapman’s Christmas spirit didn’t overcome his personal demands and complaints.  He should be happy that the rural people get to help pay for a new sidewalk plow.  While we in the rural area have no sidewalks and nobody does our plowing for us.  And what of those urban dwellers that have to shovel their own sidewalks?  Roads are cleared of snow on a priority basis.  To suggest that the town co-ordinate the sidewalk with the road clearance smacks of entitlement.  And you wonder why we rural people so loath having to support the “haves” of the urban dwellers?

As for the speed limit on Bridge Street:  Whenever I have travelled west from Centre Street on Bridge Street or Dundas Street, I have never seen anyone in a personal vehicle travelling much in excess of the posted limit.  Perhaps, on occasion, about 5 km per hour over.  In fact, most people travel at or below the speed limit.  Which is painfully slow in some cases.    In this case, I think I’ll take the word of the OPP, who have technology to measure the speed of vehicles, over that of Mr. Chapman.

Shirley Steward

County Road 9, Napanee

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