Napanee Valley Cruisers in a giving spirit this holiday season

The Napanee Valley Cruisers were in a giving spirit this holiday season, handing out a pair of cheques. (From left) Robert Fletcher, Dennis Wilson, Garry Pickering, vice president Kevin Parks, Tammy Horwood, Mary Dillenbeck, owner of Petro-Can/A&W Patty Price, Bob Vrooman, Chair of the LACGH Foundation, and Steve Lowry, Valley Cruisers club president show off a $2,000 donation to LACGH. Photo by Adam Prudhomme.

Following their donation to LACGH, the club went across the street to SOS to hand out an additional $1,000 to Seniors Outreach Services. (From left is) Sabrina Charlton, SOS program support, Robert Fletcher, Petro-Can/A&W Owner Patty Price, Steve Lowry, club president, members Tammy Horwood, Mary Dillenbeck, VP Kevin Parks, Wendy McDonald, SOS director, members Garry Pickering and Dennis Wilson. The money will help SOS fund support programs for seniors to help offset medical costs for things such as hearing aids. The Valley Cruisers also donated an additional $1,000 each to Selby Public School for the purchase of brain bikes as well as $1,000 to the Newburgh Community Christmas Concert. Photo by Adam Prudhomme.

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