Handicapped parking spaces need attention

I would like to address the question of snow removal and the affect on handicapped parking. It is a sad reality that in this town the removal of snow off the streets also precludes the ability to have access to the side walk from the handicapped spaces.

I have written to and received no response from the Town of Greater Napanee about this matter.  Besides being handicapped myself I escort an elderly lady around town and find that the ability to let her safely out of the vehicle at a designated handicapped spot is impossible as she is faced with a bank of snow in which to transverse.

I realize that for a big snow plow to be able to do the task of also keeping the handicapped parking sport clear would be difficult but, could not the town not send a smaller vehicle around to make sure that anyone entering one of these parking spaces (particularly downtown) can safely have access to the sidewalk walk without having to try and navigate a mound of snow.

It is my hope that this matter will be resolved and that the elderly and handicapped with be able to safely access the sidewalks from these spots.

P. Reynolds

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