Council backs invasive species motion

Following the lead of their neighbours to the north in Georgian Bay, Greater Napanee council is calling on the province to help them take a proactive approach in managing noxious weeds.

Speaking at Tuesday’s regular council, Deputy-Mayor Marg Isbester put forth a motion that council write a letter to the provincial government in support of Georgian Bay’s call for the help from Ontario’s ministries to manage invasive plants.

“The Township of Georgian Bay, they have put forward a resolution that has identified in their area, invasive plant species that are a threat to our natural environment, ecosystem or our residents’ health,” said Isbester. “These seeds are migrating onto municipal lands, municipal road allowances as well as privately owned roads. We have the 401 cutting straight through us. We have exits that I don’t think have been touched as far as cutting and of course now (hogweed plants) they’ve gone to seed. I would really like to see that we support the council of Georgian Bay’s request the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, the Ministry of Transport to work collaboratively to eradicate these invasive species on privately owned land.”

Locally that would call for the province to cut hogweed along the Highway 401 as well as Hwy. 33 to go along with the efforts of the town and L&A County on the interior roadways. Isbester’s motion, which was successful, calls on Greater Napanee to submit a letter to the local MP, MPP and Premier Kathleen Wynne.  “We’re just not going to beat this thing back if we don’t do something,” added Isbester.   

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